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Chris Halas

Halas Consulting officially started in 2006, under the premise that it IS possible, and even preferable, to do well for yourself in the financial services industry, while also doing right by your clients.

In 2004, Halas Consulting owner, Christian Halas, re-entered the financial services industry, having been gone for four years managing a business in another industry for 3 years (until the company closed its doors in Pennsylvania), and working in another financially related field for 1 year. While glad to be back in the industry his heart never really left, he noticed the things that drove him out the first time were still there. It was still a very sales driven industry, and the emphasis was more on a suitability standard (how can I make my products fit my client?), as opposed to a fiduciary duty (what is in the best interests of my client?). In order to make the change, his General Securities license (known as the Series 7 stockbroker license) had to be allowed to lapse.  This was not an easy decision as that is a very difficult test and he had just passed it for the second time. As he expected, teaming up with Venn Wealth and Benefits LLC, and it’s President, Mike Schultz,  and working with his investment clients on a flat fee basis (either hourly or as a % of assets managed) as opposed to a commission based business allowed Halas Consulting to be more client focused rather than sales focused. It also allowed Halas Consulting to become knowledgeable and proficient in other aspects of our clients’ portfolios including insurances and taxes.