Sandy Palma

Office Manager

Phone: 412-341-0800

Sandy Palma is a valuable employee at Maniet Financial Services Network. Sandy has been the Office Manager and Administrative Assistant for 12 years. David refers to her as his “right arm” and considers her a major asset to his team. She is instrumental in making sure the day to day operation of the company runs smoothly. Also, she is an accomplished notary member.

Sandy grew up in the South Park area and attended Brentwood High School. Prior to arriving at Maniet Financial Services in 2003, Sandy worked at PNC Bank downtown for 8 years. While working at PNC, she met her husband Michael. Sandy and Michael have been married for 30 years and have four children. Sean, Devon, Jesse and Emily range from ages 21 through 26. Even with Sandy’s busy schedule, she manages to enjoy hobbies such as gardening, swimming, reading and family fun time.