David Maniet

Founder, Registered Representative, OSJ

Phone: 412-341-0800
E-mail: david@maniet.com

David is the Founder and Registered Principal of Maniet Financial Services Network. David opened the business and has been offering full-service financial planning since 1995. Born and raised in Mt. Lebanon, David is still a proud resident and enjoys having the company apart of the community as well. His family background has shaped his life and business philosophy.

Growing up with seven siblings, David describes his childhood household as “controlled chaos”. His parents, Alan and Joan Maniet have been married for over sixty-two years. Alan worked in his family’s wholesale produce business, Louis Maniet & Sons, located in the Strip District. They raised their seven children, Alan, Pam, Claudia, David, Bruce, Suzanne, and Matt, in a Mac & Mac home on Ella Street.

They encouraged their children to be independent and to work for what they wanted. Whether it was a paper route, working at the Virginia Manor Bake Shop, the Burger Chef on Cochran Road, or delivering prescriptions for the Beverly Pharmacy, they all had jobs. They also helped out in the family business during the summers. They helped repack tomatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, and all sorts of produce. It wasn’t always the most glamorous work, but it was honest work and they did eat well. The children all had chores at home. David was always on trash detail. They learned to pick up after themselves and keep their rooms clean. David’s parents did not have to be strict disciplinarians or stress out about grades because they policed each other. They would call each other out if someone messed up. As the middle son, David was the family spokesperson and mediator. He still gets calls from his brothers and sisters asking him to settle disputes.

Working, going to school, or playing with friends, the seven children were in constant motion. His parents loved the Lawrence Welk Show. He believes it was their dream to have a musical family, so they all took music lessons and learned to play instruments. David’s instrument of choice was the banjo. The family also managed to sit down for dinner together every night. His mother ran a tight ship.

Back when he was growing up everyone seemed to have a large family. He could not imagine growing up anywhere else. They had so many friends in the neighborhood. Some days they played baseball at the Jefferson athletic fields or they went swimming at the Mt. Lebanon pool. Other days, they rode over to Algo’s Pharmacy on Cochran Road or Grace’s on Bower Hill Road for penny candy. Sometimes they rode all the way to Dormont to the A.B. Charles Hobby Shop and raced slot cars.

When David entered Mt. Lebanon High School it had just been remodeled. The AstroTurf was better than many of the professional teams of that time and they learned about the stars in the Observatory. He had wonderful teachers and Mr. Ralph Scott Patton was a mentor of David’s. He taught architecture and drafting. David wanted to become an architect because of him, but his parents really wanted him to become a lawyer. Mr. Patton made class fun and referenced real life situations instead of just teaching them formulas and equations. He was the advisor for the Kayaking Club and he used to plan trips to the rapids in the Laurel Highlands. David’s son was lucky enough to have Mr. Patton before he retired. Now, David’s son is living his dream of working in the field of Architecture and he has Mr. Patton to thank for it.

David was one of the photographers for the school newspaper. He used the space over the washer and dryer in the basement as his dark room. His mother seemed to always be doing laundry, so he learned to assemble the dark room, develop photos, and disassemble it quickly.

With the exception of Alan, they all wore hand me downs. From clothes to bikes or sports equipment, nothing was allowed to go to waste. If they got thirsty, they drank from the nearest garden hose, no one used car seats, and they never wore bike helmets. David’s not sure how they all made it, but they all managed to grow up, graduate from Mt. Lebanon High School, go to college, establish careers, get married and start their own families.

David graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School in 1975. He was Pre-law at Duquesne University when one of his uncles had a heart attack. David was called to step into the family wholesale produce business.

The family needed him, so he put his plans to become an attorney on hold. For fifteen years, he worked downtown in the Strip District. It was a much rougher area back then. They supplied produce to Western Pennsylvania, Erie, West Virginia and Ohio. Nineteenth Avenue and Penn Avenue, where they were located, was a hub of activity. Gradually, companies like Walmart with their ‘buy direct’ philosophy eliminated the need for produce commission merchants and the terminal marketplace. When his dad and uncle decided to retire, they made the decision to close the business after over sixty years.

David was 35, and it was time for him to return to his career path. While he was trying to figure out his next step, a family friend, Bill Houston, suggested the Financial Industry as a potential career. He had a well-respected firm, but didn’t have an internship program. He offered to let David come to his business and learn from them. He became a sponge and learned everything about the industry that they could teach him. He got the required licensing and opened Maniet Financial Services Network in the mid-nineties.

He met the woman who would eventually become his wife on his first day of classes at Duquesne University. He walked into the classroom and spent the whole class trying to get her to go out with him. He literally chased her out of three classes that day. He chased her for the entire semester; he finally wore her down, or maybe she caught him! She is a beautiful and brilliant woman who has an MBA and degrees in Math and Physics. Marion is the North American sales manager for a chemical engineering software company based in Ireland.

They dated for several years before they got married. David’s grandmother moved into his Mt. Lebanon home, so he could care for her. She was with him for seven years. He jokingly refers to Nan as his ‘first wife’ because she taught him how to cook, clean, and share a house with someone.

He was ‘all broken in,’ and Marion appreciated it by the time they got married. Living with Nan was wonderful because he learned so much about his family history from her.

Marion and David live in Mt. Lebanon, and they have two sons, David and William. David is an Architect Intern. He lives in Cleveland with his wife, Lilly, who is also an Architect Intern. William is a sophomore at Mt. Lebanon High School. There is a thirteen year age difference between the boys. The family joke is that David is a financial planner, not a family planner.

Maniet Financial Service Network is growing and David sees a bright future for the company he established. His network features professionals from the legal, accounting, insurance, mortgage and investment worlds working as one to provide the most comprehensive solutions to meet the fundamental financial needs and aspirations for our clients. With such diverse expertise, David believes in his team. Each one of his representatives has their own unique style and philosophy that can work for a variety of individuals. Their process is to listen to your concerns, analyze your financial condition, devise suitable recommendations, implement the plan, and review regularly and adjust to your ever changing world.