Trish Dellana


Phone: 412-341-0800

Trish Dellana is an Administrative Assistant at Maniet Financial Services Network. She lives in Mt. Lebanon with her husband Matt and their two children Sierra and Jake. Trish was born and raised in Red Creek, a rural community in Upstate New York. She is the fifth of six siblings. After graduating high school, Trish attended Lemoyne College in Syracuse majoring in Psychology. Their oldest child Sierra is sixteen. She plays golf for Mt. Lebanon High School, and is focused on academics. Jake is fourteen and plays ice hockey. He is very creative and artistic.

Trish is the founder of AOK for Today. AOK stands for “Act Of Kindness,” and AOK for Today is based on the idea that small daily acts of kindness can change the world. “If we group our hands together as a community,” says Trish, “and share kindness with each other on a daily basis, we can make a difference. I want people to stop and think, ‘What did I do today? Did I stop and let someone in traffic? Did I hold the door for them, or did I simply smile and make a difference in someone’s day?’ ” Trish’s idea didn’t just come to her one day; it is the result of a lifetime of observation and reflection. “You can’t change the world, but you do have the ability to change one person’s world for the better.”

Trish represents exactly what we are at Maniet Financial Services Network.